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Cityfier is a digital service to measure distances between selected qualitative components and forecast the value increase of investments. Tool can be used to compare different urban planning options and support the decision making.


Location is the key in the real estate market.

The problem

Did you know that for master planning of big cities - where the biggest decisions concerning locations of new real estate are made - there are no valuation models available.


Cityfier is a digital service where we combine master plans, urban research and housing market data. Our clients are landowners, investors and developers. We will analyze and forecast the future value of your location!


CASE: Finding the best location for future housing in city center.


  Freely adjustable value components with location and time

Start by choosing the location and the area you want to evaluate. Cityfier supports OpenStreetMaps so it can be used for value evaluation worldwide. You can easily import different services, housing or any other components you want by downloading them from the cloud to see the current situation. You can also place the components by yourself if you want to investigate different future scenarios on the area.

Cityfier includes a large variety of predefined components for residential buildings, public transport, different public and commercial services and other business. If predefined components are not enough you can also create your own custom components.


  Real-time value calculation

By defining the distance to value relations between different components of the area you can find most valuable locations for your investments.

You can find answer for instance to the following questions: How does the distance between residental building and train station affect to the residental building value? Or what affect does the distance to closest park have on my investment?

You can move all of your value components freely and see the affect of location to the value immediately. Cityfier calculates location value real-time even on complex value matrixes. Finding most valuable location is made easy.

  Dynamic reporting

With Cityfier you can investigate the value of single investment or even the entire area. You can examine the present or see the estimations for the future.

Results for the entire area can be seen using 3D visualization. With the help of Cityfier you can achieve the best results for the whole area.


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